Maggie Merritt was born in Illinois on June 22, 1857.  She married Jacob Sutzin Aug 21, 1877.  He was born in Ohio, and had been in the Civil War. He enlisted as a Private on 22 February 1864 at the age of 18, in Company K, 9th Infantry Regiment Iowa, and was mustered out on July 18th 1865 in Louisville KY.  (Roster & Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of Rebellion-  

In 1850, Jacob’s family appears on the Ohio census, in Fairfield County, Hocking Township. The value of his real estate was $ 8000. His father Henry was born in Ohio and his mother Elizabeth was born in Pennsylvania; all of the children were born in Ohio. Jacob had two older brothers, Henry and John and a sister Francis.  In 1860 his family is living in Linn County, Marion Township, and he has an additional three sisters Susan, Mary and Anna. His father is listed as a butcher- he was also listed in the Iowa Business Directory as a Justice of the Peace. All three of the boys enlisted in the same regiment. Henry B. was killed Nov 20, 1863, buried in Memphis, Tennessee.

I was unable to find Jacob or his father Henry’s family in the 1870 census records, but they continue to live in Marion Township in 1880. Jacob is listed as an expressman in the 1878 Cedar County Biographies. Jacob and Maggie are married and living in Mechanicsville with son Archie in 1880.  At that time he was listed as a saloon keeper.  Ellen Merritt, Maggie’s sister, is also living with them.  

Jacob Sutzin is listed in the 1882-1883 Minneapolis, MN directory as a grocer, address 400 16th Avenue North.

In 1885, according to the Minnesota Territorial and State Census, Jacob and Maggie are still living in Minneapolis, and they have two more children; Addie, born in 1882 and Frank, born in 1883. They have a border named Louis Veilleux (sp?) from Canada.

They are living at 1428 Washington Ave, N Mpls as location 1# and r 324 18th Ave N Mpls location #2 in the 1890-1891 Minnesota Directories.

Archie Sutzin was a Private in the Fourteenth Unit, Company I, in the Spanish American War, at the age of 21. The Spanish–American War was a conflict between the Kingdom of Spain and the United States of America that took place from April to August 1898. Archie had a daughter named Anna Grace, who died 1901 at the age of 6. It is unknown who her mother was. According to the 1905 census, Archie married a woman named Mabel- nothing more is known about her at this time.

By 1900, the Sutzin’s have two more daughters, Marguerite and Clara. Their granddaughter Grace is also living with them, and they have two borders, Howard Brown and Camie Larrea. Addie is working in millinery and Archie is a foreman general elect. 

In the 1905 Minnesota Territorial and State Census; they are living on 10th Avenue South. Ada, Frank, Margaret and Clara are living with them. Addie is still working in the millinery, Frank is an electrician and Margaret and Clara are clerks.

Seattle, Washington

In 1910, Jacob and Maggie are found living in Seattle- Ward 3, King, Washington.  It reports Maggie as having 6 children, with 4 living.  Archie died of nephritis in 1907.  Jacob continues to work as a veterinarian surgeon and they are renting their home. According to later census records, all of the children located in Washington, but it is unknown if they all went at once or moved there later. We do not know what triggered the move to Washington.

Addie (
Mary A). was found in the 1930 census, King County, Wash, married to Peter Arntson. She was 47 and he was 33.  He runs a grocery store and she apparently worked there are well. They were not married on the 1920 census, although the 1930 census reports they were both married for the first time at age 26.  I assume they were married in Washington between 1920 and 1930. Peter died in Nov 9, 1965 in King County Washington, and Mary died April 17th 1969 in Los Angeles California.  No children have been found to date.

Frank is living in Washington when he completed his WW 1 Draft Registration in 1918. He lists his father as his nearest relative; Dr Jacob Sutzin, 7333 -35 Southwest Seattle, King, Washington. Frank is listed as working as a kitchen helper in a restaurant in Seattle. He noted that he had a defective spine and jaw. 

On June 28th, 1924, Frank marries Susan Vanderwoort, in Clark County, Washington. In the 1920 census there is a 38-year-old widow by that name, living in Tacoma. She was a proprietor of a boarding house and had a son named Casiues who is 14 years of age.

In 1932, Frank and Susan are found at the same residence in the California Voter Registration in Los Angeles, but they are found at separate addresses starting in 1934.
Frank dies in 1945, no further records found for Susan.

Marguerite Kernbach is mentioned in her aunt Mary’s will. On-line records from British Columbia show that Maggie Sutzin married John Harry Kernbach on Jun 22, 1910.

In 1909 he is seen in the Border Crossings from Canada to the US in 1909, listed as a pastry maker, single status. In the 1910 census records he is listed as a 31 year old divorced man from Germany, living in Seattle Ward 6, King, Washington. 

However, online Washington birth records show that he has a daughter Helena, born October 1907 from a previous marriage with Sarah Glidding.  Sarah Kernbach is living with her daughter Elsie in San Francisco in 1910- she is listed as being married. 

On line records also have a son born Jan 28, 1911 to Margaret by the name of John Harry Anton Kernbach Jr.   There is also a Frederick Kernback born Oct 5 1918 who died Jun 29th 1997 in Washington, and a Larae Kernback who was born in Seattle, King, Washington Sept 5th, 1921, and a but I do not have proof that either are Marguerite’s children.

In 1918, on his WW 1 Draft Registration, Harry and Margaret are living in Oregon.

In the 1923 Seattle Washington City Directory, Margaret and Harry are listed as living at 4232 Fauntleroy, the same address she is listed at in Mary’s will. Harry is listed as a baker.

Marguerite’s son John is listed as being in the Coast Guard in 1930, on a Cutter called the Chelan.  This website describes that cutter.

“The new Coast Guard cutter Chelan was built by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation of Quincy, Massachusetts.  She as launched on 19 May 1928 and was commissioned on 5 September 1928.  She was assigned to Seattle, Washington but transferred to Boston, Massachusetts in 1937.  Prior to that time she sailed on the Bering Sea Patrol annually in addition to her regular patrol work.

At 1930 on 22 March 1937 Chelan, while engaged in trailing another vessel, received information that the 1,600-ton Norwegian steamer SS Bjerkli was in distress at approximately 40-42 N x 59-00 W.  A fresh northwesterly gale with very rough northwesterly seas was experienced throughout the search and subsequent rescue.  Six other vessels answered the distress call.  The Chelan took frequent direction finder bearings on the Norwegian and located her without difficulty, being the first vessel to arrive on-scene.  When found, the Bjerkli was deep in the water and hove to.  Tarpaulins had been stretched over cargo hatches where the hatch covers had washed away, and the ship was leaking badly with the forward hold and engine room filling up.  Cracked pipe lines precluded the use of pumps.  The master expressed his desire to abandon ship and did so with his own boats, the Chelan standing by close aboard to pick up the crew, meanwhile making a lee and putting out oil.  Sixteen officers and crew were taken aboard at 1530 on 23 March, the assistance of two other vessels, which came up in the meantime, being declined.  The cutter stood by the now abandoned Bjerkli until she sank at 2250.  She then proceeded 660 miles to Boston with the survivors”. 

In the 1930 census, Marguerite is reported as 44 years old, married and head of the household; she is working as a saleswoman at a day goods store and owns her home. Sadly, John Kernback is found in the Northern State Hospital for the Insane. He was 50 years old, married at age 31, emigrated from Germany in 1905. He was listed as working in the laundry at the Institution.

In 1910 and 1920, Clara is found in Seattle Washington married to Guy B Jameson; she has  a four year old daughter Grace who was born 1916 in California. Her husband is listed as a shoe salesman from Iowa.  They move to California in 1930. Guy passed away in 1944 and Clara died in 1976. Their daughter married a man with the last name of Hall, she passed away in 1960. Nothing more is known about her at this time.

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