Patrick Pugh (1848-1930) Born in County Meath, Ireland, came to America in 1864 with his father Patrick, and Patrick's wife Jane, (who I assume is Patrick's step-mother as she has only had 2 children, one living) and a brother Francis. Patrick went to New Jersey in 1870 where he met his wife, Catherine Dwyer. From there, they moved to Mechanicsville, Iowa where his father Patrick was living. Most of their children were born in Iowa.  The earliest records of the family in Nebraska is the burial of children Johnnie and Lizzie in Burgess Cemetery in Schneider County- August 12, 1888 and June 2 1889 respectively. The family is not listed on the 1885 Nebraska State census, or the Iowa State census:  I am assuming they came to Nebraska between 1885 and 1888.
Patrick is living in Prairie Center on the 1890-91 Nebraska State Gazetteer. He is found in Ravenna news from 1895-1898 and Schneider 1900- 1903. He was elected as No. 45 road overseer in 1900. Patrick and Catherine sell their land and move to Elm Creek in 1905 when Patrick is aged 57. 
Patrick and Catherine continue living in Elmcreek until their deaths, and both are buried in the Elmcreek Catholic Cemetery, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Mary Pugh (1874-?) was trained as a teacher, listed in the Directory of Buffalo Teachers Aug 2 1895. She married William Vogt from Gibbon in 1898. He had recently purchased W.O Smith’s livery stock.  William appears to be of solid character, he is mentioned as a witness for the defense in at least two court cases. Mary and William live in Riverdale/Odessa Township until they move to Wheatland, Wyoming, where their son Frank is located.  The last information we have is on the 1930 census, where William and Mary are living in Platte County, Wyoming as well as son Frank.  Their daughter Lizzie, who married Robert Halliwell June 1920, lived and died in Lovell, Wyoming, with two children that we know of- Betty Lou and Bobbi. Daughter Margaret is staying with her sister Lizzie in 1929 in Lovell, Wyoming, which is the last we hear about her.

Margaret/Maggie Pugh (1876)
was also trained as a teacher and listed in the Directory of Buffalo Teachers Aug 2 1895.  Not found in any census other than the 1880 one in Iowa. 

Kate Pugh (1877) is also trained as a teacher, listed in the Directory of Buffalo Teachers Aug 2 1895. She married John J. Vogt from Gibbon in 1897. They move to Cheyenne, Wyoming in Jan of 1901 but are back in Odessa in 1910. Kate was the victim of a paralytic stroke in July of 1923 and dies Sept of 1923. John married Nellie Pugh, Kate’s sister, in 1928.
It appears William and Kate adopt their son Justin Vogt, who was born in 1908 in New York.  We know he graduated from Kearney High School in 1925. That summer he enrolled in C.M.T.C.

June 6, 1925:  County Makes Fine Showing-Nearly 30 Boys to Enter the Training Camp. Buffalo County will make an excellent showing in C.M.T.C enrollments this year 23 students having already been registered. This ranks third in the state with only Douglas and Lancaster County leading. The list of Buffalo County lads who are registered at this time are….. Justin Moran Vogt of Elm Creek.

Citizens' Military Training Camps (CMTC) were military training programs of the United States. Held annually each summer during the years 1921 to 1940, the CMTC camps differed from National Guard and Reserves training in that the program allowed male citizens to obtain basic military training without an obligation to call-up for active duty.  

CMTC camps were a month in length and held at approximately fifty Army bases nationally. At their peak in 1928 and 1929 approximately 40,000 men received training    Referenced: Wikipedia

In 1928 Justin Vogt he is located in Denver, having been transferred to that point by the American Telegraph and Telephone company.  He is married in 1934, year unknown, to the daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Bowen- which is most likely Ruby or Edna Bowen.  

Frank Pugh (1871-1925) Jun 22, 1892:  Frank Pugh of Iowa is looking over Miller and vicinity with a view of locating. Could this be Patrick’s son?  Buried in 1925 in Elmcreek Cemetery.

Winifor Pugh (1879-1879)- found in Iowa death records, both parents are from Ireland, pt was born in Cedar County. Most likely Patrick and Kate’s but no proof.

Nellie Pugh (1880-?): was also a teacher, first found information about her teaching in January 31, 1901. She and Allie took their examinations in July of 1906.  She taught fifth and sixth grades in the Gibbon schools in 1908,  Eddyville schools 1909 and back to Gibbon again in1910, sixth and seventh grade. She was teaching seventh and eighth grades in Elmcreek in 1915 and was unable to finish the school year.  Again sick in 1916. She was re-elected by the board of education of the Elmcreek school for the 1917-1918 school year. She attended Kearney State Normal in the summer of 1918.  In 1920 she is still listed a teaching at Elmcreek. She visits a sister in Tacoma Washington in 1921. (Margaret or Allie?). In Oct 1923 she was accompanied to Omaha by her sister Mary, and it was noted that she had been in poor health for some time and in a hospital receiving treatment. In 1927 she is teaching high school English in Elmcreek. She marries her widowed brother-in law John J Vogt on 18 May 1928. They are living in Elmcreek in 1930 and that is the last we know of them. He is buried next to his first wife and it is unknown where Nellie is buried.

Allie (Alice) Pugh (1882-?) May 24, 1906  Ms. Allie Pugh, of Elmcreek, arrived this city Thursday morning. She expects to be here for some time and is engaged in sewing.
July 24, 1906  Teachers are Examined. Large Enrollment from all Parts of the County.  Elmcreek: Nellie Pugh and Allie Pugh. May 26, 1906 Ms. Florence Shal?n and Ms. Myrtle Haase closed their nine months term of school at the Center school house on Friday. Ms. Allie Pugh closed the West school on the same. Last seen in the 1910 census.

Michael (1893): Last on census in 1910 – the only census he is on…Catherine had 9 children, 3 dead in 1900. Was he adopted?  He was born in 1893 in Iowa and they buried Johnnie and Lizzie in Nebraska in 1888-1889.