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Mrs. Eva Bahr;

Enclosed herein I send you, besides some sad news concerning your husband, twenty dollars and eighty one cents, in the form of a draft which may be cashed at any bank, also the death certificate of your husband. In a few words I shall tell you how the poor man lost his life. He had been working in a coal mine seventy feet below the surface, where he, by his own fault, was ran over by loaded coal cars, and committed his spirit to the Lordís keeping ten minutes later. The tragedy occurred as stated on the death certificate, on the day, month and year specific hereon.

I should further like to mention something about his belongings, consisting of clothing and a watch. Of late, or better said, at the time when he came, he did not board long with me, but took up his quarters where he prepared his meals and could thus live cheaper. Hearing of the tradgedy, I took two men, comrades of his, with me, to the place where he stayed,which we found two days afterwards (for I and ______ man knew something about his whereabouts), and investigated his affects, belongings. We found a complete suit of clothing from Germany, two new shirts and a suitcase, the key of which he must have carried with him, and as he was covered with blood, etc, over his whole body, his clothes were not searched, but were taken out of the ________, in the presence of two men, and the people where he stayed. I took a knife and cut the suitcase open, where I found the money which I sent to you the first ofthis month. I sold his clothes for $6.50, which is enclosed herewith. I did see nothing of his watch. It is said that he sold it. No doubt it was hanging on the wall, and claimed by the people where he stayed, because among the receipts that were there, of the moneys he sent you, and in spite of our best efforts, the money for the watch could not be found. The last money which I sent you here was paid to him by the company for which he worked. I shall close my letter with these words, and ask you to notify me as soon as you received the first money. Sharing your grief, I am, respectfully,

Chr. Scheuer
Chr. Scheuer
No 1211 Cedar Ave
Scranton, Penn